Recipe of the Day: Quinoa Pista Barfi is made very easily, this is the method


Essential ingredients:

- Quinoa one cup

- Pistachios half cup

- Dates with seeds removed from two cups

- Honey two tablespoons

- Dark chocolate chips six tablespoons

- Pinch of salt

- Oil

you make it this way:

First, heat the pan and add quinoa to it. Roast it. Now put it in a separate vessel.

Then roast the pistachios in the same pan.

Now grind the pistachios coarsely.

Now grind the dates in a mixer jar.

Now mix dates powder, pistachios, honey, chocolate chips, and salt in the vessel containing quinoa.

Now spread it in a smooth tray and keep it in the fridge.

After this, cut it into the shape of a barfi.

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