Recipe of the Day: Potato wrap is a very tasty dish, children will definitely like it.


Children like the taste of potato wrap very much. You can win the hearts of your children by making this at home on weekends. It does not take much time to make it. Today we are going to tell the method of making it. 

Ingredients required:

- Two boiled potatoes 

- One cup rice noodles

- Lettuce leaves

- Two cups carrots 

- One teaspoon lemon juice

- Four tortilla wraps

- Green and red capsicum 

- Tabasco sauce

- Salt and black pepper powder.

Make potato wrap like this:

You have to put all the things in a vessel except tortilla wrap and rice noodles. 

After mixing this mixture well, put it on the tortilla wrap. 

Now you have to make a layer of rice noodles on it. 

In this way your delicious potato dish is prepared.