Recipe Of The Day: Now make Poha Idli without preparation in minutes, know the easy recipe...


Recipe Of The Day: If you like idli and someday suddenly feel like eating idli, then you would have been able to make idli at home thinking that it would take a lot of time to make it. First, the dal will have to be soaked, the batter will have to be prepared. All this will take time. But now this will not happen. We are going to tell you a recipe for making idli, which you can make at any time without any prior preparation. Neither the hassle of soaking the pulses nor waiting for hours. So let's make Poha Idli for breakfast today with this easy recipe in minutes.


Ingredients to make Poha Idli
One cup poha, one cup curd, one and a half cup rice flour or rice rava, salt, salt, fruit salt or eno, idli maker

Easy way to make Poha Idli
Step 1- First grind the poha like a powder. Now add one cup of curd to this poha powder and mix it.

Step 2- Mix rice rava well in this batter so that there are no lumps. Tell that to make rice rava, soak the rice and grind it in the mixer. The rice rava is ready.

Step 3- Put salt and water in this batter and keep the solution for 30 minutes so that the water of rava dries up and the yeast rises.


Step 4- Now again add some more water to this dry batter. Add eno to the idli batter just before cooking.

Step 5- Pour the batter into the idli maker and steam it well.