Recipe of the Day: Make Rabdi Malai Toast on Holi, this is the easy method to make it!


Ingredients required:

  • Bread slices - six
  • Milk - two cups
  • Milk powder - two tablespoons
  • Ghee - two tablespoons
  • Chopped dry fruits - two tablespoons
  • Dry rose leaves - two teaspoons

Prepare it by this method:

First of all, cut the edges of the bread slices.

Now the bread has to be cut in a diagonal shape.

Now heat desi ghee in a pan and roast diagonally cut bread slices in it.

Now heat the ghee again in the pan and add milk to it.

When the milk boils, add milk powder to it and cook for five minutes.

When the milk thickens, spread it well on the bread.

Now garnish the rabri with dry fruits and rose leaves.

In this way, Rabdi Malai Toast is made.

PC: life berry.