Recipe of the Day: Make Paneer Malpua at home, this is the easy method to make it!


Malpua is very tasty. Today we are going to tell you an easy method of making Paneer Malpua at home. The taste of this sweet Malpua will win your heart. You can easily make it at home.

Required ingredients: Four hundred grams of paneer cubes, ten tablespoons of mawa, thirty teaspoons of milk, four teaspoons of sugar, one teaspoon of cardamom powder, eight tablespoons of flour, four cups of ghee, some chopped almonds-pistachios and sugar syrup.

You can prepare it in this way:

You have to prepare a thick batter by adding paneer cubes, mawa and milk in a mixer. Now add sugar powder, flour, cardamom powder and remaining milk and mix well.

Now heat ghee in a pan, add one tablespoon of batter in it and cook it from both sides.

Now dip the Malpuas in sugar syrup for 15 minutes.

Now garnish with dry fruits and taste it.

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