Recipe of the Day: Make Paneer Malai Makhani easily at home, this is the method!


Paneer curry can be made in many ways. Every vegetable of it is delicious. Today we are going to show you how to make Paneer Malai Makhani at home. You will like its taste very much.

Required Ingredients:

- One kilogram paneer

- Four onions

- Four tomatoes

- Four teaspoons of black pepper powder

- Four kokum pulp

- Four teaspoons of red chili powder

- Four teaspoons of ginger-garlic paste

- Eight hundred milliliters of coconut milk

- One cup of water

- Four tsp coriander powder

- Eight tsp oil

- Curry leaves

- Coriander leaves

- Four tbsp coriander powder

- Four tsp red chili powder

- Four tsp fenugreek

- Four tsp cumin

- Salt as per taste

This is the easy method to make it:

- First of all, heat the oil and add cumin, fenugreek, and curry leaves to it.

After this, after frying the onion and ginger-garlic paste, add all the spices, tomatoes, and salt.

When the masala starts leaving oil, add paneer cubes to it.

Now mix kokum pulp, coconut milk, and water in it and cook it.

Lastly, add green coriander to it.

In this way, Paneer Malai Makhani becomes your home.