Recipe of the day: Make pan pasta with this method, it will be very tasty


Required Ingredients: 

- Six cups boiled pasta

- One and a half cup tomato pasta sauce

- Six tablespoons butter

- Six tablespoon cheese spread

- Ten tablespoon grated mozzarella cheese 

- 3 bowl onion 

- 6 teaspoon garlic paste

- 9 teaspoon all purpose flour

- 1 cup water

- One and a half cup milk

- Salt as per taste

- A pinch of black pepper

You can make it with this method:

First heat the butter in a pan. 

Now fry onion, garlic paste and salt in it.

Now add flour and water to it. 

When the flour dissolves well, add milk to it. 

Now put pasta and cheese spread in the pan. 

Lastly, add tomato pasta sauce, black pepper and cheese to it and taste it.