Recipe of the Day: Make Methi-Papad curry using this method, it will be very tasty, definitely add these things!


Required Ingredients:

  • Two hundred grams of fenugreek seeds soaked for 5-6 hours,
  • two moong dal papads
  • two teaspoons of coriander powder
  • one and a half teaspoons of dried mango powder
  • half teaspoon of garam masala
  • two tablespoons of soaked raisins
  • two tablespoons of cashew pieces
  • salt as per taste
  • four tablespoons of mustard oil.

You can prepare it by this method:

First of all, boil water in a vessel and boil fenugreek in it for half an hour. Now wash fenugreek in water.

Now heat oil in a pan and cook red chilli and coriander powder in it.

After this, mix fenugreek, papad, raisins, cashew nuts and salt in the pan and cook until the fenugreek becomes soft. After this add garam masala, dry mango powder and coriander.

In this way your delicious methi-papad vegetable is prepared.

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