Recipe of the Day: Make kheer without rice at home, the taste will win your heart.


Now the heat of summer is beginning to appear in the country. The condition of people is becoming miserable in the scorching heat. In this summer season, today we are going to tell you the method of making dry fruits kheer. This kheer will win your heart. The special thing is that rice is not used in this kheer. 

Essential Ingredients: 

  • Milk - one litre
  • Mawa - five hundred grams
  • Raisins washed - two cups
  • Makhana - six cups
  • Chopped almonds - two cups
  • Chopped cashews - two cups
  • Chironji - four spoons
  • Giri - some chopped or grated
  • sugar - three Hundred grams
  • cardamom powder
  • chopped dates - ten
  • saffron strands - twenty
  • desi ghee

You can prepare it in this way:

First of all, let the milk boil in the pan. 

In another pan, heat desi ghee and fry the makhana, kernels and dates lightly and take them out on a plate. 

After this, add ghee to the pan and mix cardamom seeds and condensed milk in it. 

Now add dry fruits, raisins, cashews, almonds, and chironji to this pan. 

After cooking, add saffron and mawa to it. 

Now cook the kheer until it thickens. 

In this way, your delicious kheer is prepared.

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