Recipe of the Day: Make Gulab Jamun on the weekend, this is the easy method to make it!


Required ingredients:

- Four kilos of mawa

- One kilo of flour

- Two hundred grams of grated cheese

- Four hundred grams of chironji

- Four pinches of baking soda

- One kilo of sugar

- Ghee


First of all, put water in a vessel and prepare sugar syrup in it. -Now mix mawa, cheese, flour and soda in a vessel and knead it well. After this, make small balls from this mixture.

Put chironji in between them.

Now heat ghee in a pan, reduce the flame and put these balls in it.

When this ball starts floating on top, take it out from the pan and put it in the syrup.

In this way your Gulab Jamuns are made.

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