Recipe of the Day: Make delicious semolina roti on the weekend, this is the method


Required Ingredients:

- Two hundred grams of semolina

- One tea cup of curd

- Four tablespoons of grated coconut

- Two teaspoons of green coriander

- Salt as per taste

- Two teaspoons of coarsely ground ginger

- Half teaspoon of crushed green chillies

- Two tablespoons of chopped sweet neem leaves

- Two spoons sugar

- ten spoons ghee

You can prepare it in this way:

Put semolina in a vessel and mix all the remaining ingredients in it and prepare the dough.

Now heat the pan, grease it and spread the dough on it.

You will have to make a hole in the middle and fill one tablespoon of ghee in it. Apply ghee around it.

Now cover it with a high lid and bake it.

After frying, divide it into four pieces and taste.

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