Recipe of the Day: Make delicious semolina laddus on the festival of Holi, this is the method to make them


Today on the festival of Holi, we are going to tell you the method of making delicious semolina laddus at home. The taste of these laddus will make your heart happy. It is very easy to make these.

Required Ingredients:

  • Semolina - four cups
  • Sugar powder or Bura
  • Grated coconut
  • Desi ghee
  • Dry fruits
  • Cream

You can prepare it by this method:

Heat ghee in a pan and fry semolina in it.

After this add coconut shavings, almonds, cashews and favorite dry fruits to it.

Now fry this mixture and add sugar to it.

Now add fresh cream to it and turn off the flame.

Now add cardamom powder, cool the mixture and make laddus.

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