Recipe of the Day: Make delicious Jalebi on Ganesh Chaturthi, this is the easy method


Essential Ingredients

Flour - two cups

Gram flour - four spoons

Sugar - two spoons

Sugar - two cups

Water - two

cups Lemon juice - one teaspoon Cardamom

powder - one teaspoon

Ghee - two teaspoons

Baking soda - six pinches

Yellow color - few drops

Saffron threads - some ghee - rose water

For frying jalebi - a few drops Method of making jalebi recipe

You can prepare this recipe: 

First of all, mix flour, sugar, ghee, yellow color and gram flour in a vessel. 

Now add baking soda water to this mixture and make a smooth and thick solution.

Now put this mixture in the bowl with holes. 

During this time, make syrup from sugar, saffron, cardamom powder and lemon juice. 

Heat ghee in a pan and fry jalebis with batter. 

Now soak the jalebis in syrup for two minutes and take them out in a plate.