Recipe of the Day: Make delicious gram flour pancake at home, this is the recipe


Required Ingredients:

One and a half cup - Gram flour

Six tablespoons - Coconut oil

Six teaspoons - Garlic paste

finely chopped - Coriander

Salt - as per taste

One and a half cup - Grated carrot

Six tablespoons - Pickle masala

Finely chopped One tablespoon - Onion

Three tablespoons - Tomato

Three teaspoons- Black pepper powder

Teep tablespoon- Semolina

as per requirement- Water

You can prepare it in this way:

Heat oil in a pan and cook the garlic in it on low flame for two minutes.

Now cook grated carrots and pickle masala in it.

Now add vegetables along with gram flour in a vessel.

Now prepare a paste by adding water to gram flour.

Now add tomato, salt, black and some red chilli and green coriander and mix it well.

Now add oil in the pan and spread the batter on it.

Now cook it until it becomes light golden brown.

In this way your gram flour pancake is made.

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