Recipe of the Day: Make delicious Chinese salad with these things


Required Ingredients:

- Ten green onions

- Four cabbages

- Eight packets of vermicelli

- Hundred grams of almonds 

- Two small sticks of butter 

- Four small bowls of sugar

- Two tablespoons of sesame seeds

- Four tablespoons of soy sauce

- Four teaspoons of vegetable oil

- Two small bowls of white vinegar

Prepare it like this:

Mix cabbage and onion in a vessel. 

Now heat butter in a pan and fry sesame and almonds in it. 

Now vermicelli will have to be roasted in it. 

Mix all the remaining ingredients in another vessel. 

Put them in the microwave. 

After this, cool them and add onion-cabbage mixture and vermicelli and taste.