Recipe of the Day: Make delicious cashew pudding at home with this method, definitely add these things


Cashews are used to enhance the taste of anything. This is very useful for health. Many types of delicious sweets can be made from it. You must have tasted Kaju Katli or Kaju Barfi many times, but have you ever tasted Halwa made from cashews only? Today we are going to tell you the easy process of making it. You will like its taste very much. It can be made very tasty with many things.

Required Ingredients: 

  • Nine cups of cashews
  • one and a half cups of sugar
  • coconut powder
  • thirty tablespoons of ghee
  • thirty strands of saffron
  • three teaspoons of ground cardamom
  • dry fruits. 


You can prepare it in this way: 

First of all, grind cashews in a grinder jar and take them out on a plate. 

Now soak saffron strands in milk in a bowl. 

Now heat desi ghee in the pan, add coconut powder and ground cashew nuts and fry till it turns brown.

Now add some water to it. 

After some time add sugar to it and cook. 

Now you have to add saffron solution to it. 

Now add cardamom powder to cashew pudding. 

When the aroma comes from the halwa, turn off the gas.

In this way, your delicious cashew pudding is prepared. 

Now add pistachios, almonds etc. and taste it. Its taste will win everyone's heart. You should make this halwa at home today itself.

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