Recipe of the Day: Make Chocolate-Almond Peda on Diwali, this is the easy method


Ingredients Required:

- Soaked almonds 500 grams 

- Ghee 4 tbsp

- Finely chopped almonds 4 tbsp

- Cocoa powder 4 tbsp

- Condensed milk 200 grams

You can prepare it in this way:

First of all, peel the almonds and grind them finely in a mixer.

Now heat ghee in a pan, add condensed milk and cocoa powder and cook. 

Now add almond paste to this mixture. 

After the mixture is cooked, turn off the flame and cool it. 

Now make small balls of this mixture.

Put almonds in the middle. 

In this way your delicious Chocolate-Almond Peda is made. 

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