Recipe of the Day: Make Cariwali Bhindi with this method, it will be very tasty.


Important Ingredients

Lady's finger - six grams

Raw mango - two 

Fennel seeds - one teaspoon

Chilli powder - two teaspoons

Coriander powder - two teaspoons

Cumin powder - one teaspoon

A pinch of lemon juice

Salt - as per taste Nigella

seeds - one teaspoon

Ginger - two teaspoons spoon 

Onion - four finely chopped

Sugar - one teaspoon

Black pepper - to taste

Oil - 3 tablespoons

You can prepare it with this method: 

First of all, heat oil in a pan and fry the ladyfinger in it till it becomes soft. 

Now fry the raw mango with sugar and keep it aside. 

Now heat oil and fry nigella seeds and fennel in it. 

Now fry onion and ginger in it. 

Now add coriander, chilli, cumin powder, ladyfinger, mango, black pepper and lemon juice. 

In this way your Bhindi is prepared.