Recipe of the Day: Make Broccoli Soup on the festival of Holi, this is the recipe


Required Ingredients:

Broccoli - five hundred grams

Flour - four spoons

Garlic - four cloves (finely chopped)

Mixed herbs - half spoon

Nutmeg powder - two pinches

Butter - four spoons

Onion - two (finely chopped)

Vegetable Stock - four cups

Milk Full Cream - four cups

Black pepper powder - as per taste

Salt - as per taste

You can prepare it in this way:

First of all, mix salt in water in a vessel, heat it, and put broccoli in it for 30 seconds.

Now heat butter in a vessel and fry onion and garlic until it turns golden brown.

Now fry the flour on low flame for two minutes.

Now cook broccoli in it.

Add vegetable stock to it for two minutes and cook for ten minutes.

Heat milk on the other side.

When the soup mixture becomes lukewarm, grind it in the mixer.

Now put it in a vessel, add hot milk to it, and cook.

Now add mixed herbs, salt, black pepper, and nutmeg powder and cook.

In this way, your delicious broccoli soup is made.

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