Recipe of the Day: Make banana raita in summer season, this is the recipe


Required Ingredients: 

  • Curd - nine cups
  • Bananas - six
  • Sugar - three spoons
  • Grated coconut - three spoons
  • Cumin powder - three spoons
  • Black pepper - three spoons
  • Salt as per taste
  • Roasted Makhane - three cups
  • Chironji - six spoons
  • Ghee - three spoons

You can prepare it by this method:

First of all, beat curd in a vessel and mix sugar in it. 

Now put banana pieces in this vessel.

On the other hand, heat ghee in a vessel and add chironji in it. Now add coconut in it.

Now cool it and put it in a curd vessel. 

Now add cumin powder, black pepper and salt to it. 

Now add roasted makhana and taste it.