Recipe of the Day: Make banana pakodas at home on weekends, your family members will be happy


Banana can be tasted not only as a fruit but also in the form of pakodas. You might have probably tasted its pakodas. This weekend, you can make your family members happy by making banana pakodas at home. It is very easy to make these.

Required Ingredients:

- 10 raw bananas

- 3 hundred grams of water chestnut flour

- Green coriander

- Rock salt

- Fennel

- 5 fine green chillies

- Black pepper powder

- Oil

You make it like this:

First of all you have to boil the bananas along with the peel.

Now you have to cut the banana into round pieces.

Now mix water chestnut flour, green chilli, fennel, black pepper powder and salt in a vessel and make a thick solution with water.

Now wrap the banana pieces in oil and deep fry them.

In this way your banana pakodas are ready.

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