Recipe of the Day: Lemon peel juice is very tasty, make it with this method


Required ingredients:

- Two kg yellow lemon

- Two kg sugar

- Eight big cardamom

- Eight small cardamom

- Twenty cloves close

- Two bowls mustard seeds

- Two bowl of mustard

- Four hundred grams of pepper

- Twenty grams of black pepper

- Two teaspoons fenugreek seeds

- Two small Bowl turmeric powder

- 2 tsp black salt

- Pinch of asafoetida

- Salt as per taste

Make it in this way:

First take out lemon juice in a utensil.

Now take out the inner fibers from the lemon peels and cut them into fine slices.

Now boil the peels in a pressure cooker for one whistle.

Now take them out of the cooker and dry them with cotton cloth.

Now mix the juice in these peels.

Now mix all the spices in it and keep it in the hot sun for 15 days.

In this way your pickle is made.

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