Recipe of the Day: Ginger-mint sherbet is beneficial for health, make it this way


Ginger and mint are very beneficial for our health. They can be consumed in many ways. Today we are going to tell you the recipe of making ginger-mint sherbet. This sherbet will prove to be very beneficial for your health. 

Essential Ingredients:

  • Ginger - two inches
  • Mint leaves - four hundred grams
  • Lemon - 2 big
  • Black salt - 1 teaspoon
  • Sugar - six tablespoons
  • Water - one thousand ml

Make the sherbet like this: 

First of all, soak the mint leaves in lukewarm water for an hour. 

Now put ginger and mint leaves in a blender and blend it. 

Now filter this mixture. This type of process will have to be repeated 3-4 times. 

Now add water, lemon juice, black salt, sugar and ice cubes to its juice and taste it.