Recipe of the Day: Crispy okra is very tasty, make it with this easy method!


Okra vegetable is very much liked in India. This vegetable is also very tasty. Today we are going to tell you how to make crispy bhindi. You will lick your fingers after tasting it. It is very easy to make it.

Required Ingredients:

Bhindi - One kilogram Gram

flour - Two cups

Cashew pieces - Ten spoons

Oil - Salt as required

Cumin as per taste

Amchur powder - Two spoons

Red chili powder - Four spoons

Finely chopped onion - Two cups

Here is the method of preparation:

- First of all, thinly cut the okra lengthwise and put a mixture of cashew, cumin, dried mango powder, red chili powder, salt, onion, and gram flour on it.

After five minutes, heat the oil in a pan.

Now fry this bhindi in oil till it becomes golden.

Now your crispy bhindi is ready.

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