Recipe of the day: Chilli cheese noodles that everyone will like, you can make them like this



Noodles 1 packet

Cauliflower - 2 cups

Cheese - 50 grams

Dry red chili - 2

Vinegar - 2 tsp

Oil - as needed

Salt - as per taste

Carrot - 2 if any

Garlic buds - 6

Onion - 1

Capsicum chopped - 1 to 2


To make Chilli Cheese Noodles, first, you have to chop all the vegetables finely. Chop the garlic clove too finely. Pour oil into a pan and heat it, add noodles to it and add some water and salt on top and mix it with a ladle and then cover and cook for 5 to 7 minutes.

After this, remove the noodles from the pan and then wash them with plain clean water and keep them aside. After this, prepare a paste by grinding dry red chilies and garlic buds with the help of a mixer. Take a pan and add some oil to it fry the noodles and then take them out. After this, fry the chopped vegetables in the same oil and take them out.

Now put some more oil in the pan and add red chili and garlic paste and fry it. Add noodles, and fried vegetables to it and mix well. After this grate the cheese and put it in it. After this add vinegar and salt as per taste and let it cook for some time and then serve.