Recipe of the Day: Children will love biscuit milkshakes, make it this way!


 Have you ever tasted a biscuit milkshake? You can taste it in the summer season. With this, you can make your children happy too. You will love its taste. It is also very easy to make.

Ingredients required:

- Two packets of biscuits

- Two cups of cold milk

- Two cups of vanilla ice cream

- Four tablespoons of chocolate syrup

- Two teaspoons of chocolate syrup

- Two scoops of vanilla ice cream

- Few pieces of biscuits

You can make it in this way:

- First of all, cut the biscuits into pieces in a mixing jar and add milk and vanilla ice cream to it. ,

Now whisk all three ingredients until smooth.

Now add chocolate syrup to it.

- Run it again in the mixer.

Now add chocolate syrup, vanilla ice cream, and biscuit pieces and taste it.

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