Recipe of the day: Butter papdi chaat is very tasty, make it with this method


Ingredients required:

8-10 butter biscuits

2 boiled mashed potatoes

1 tbsp grated ginger

2-3 green chilies chopped

1 tsp red chili powder

1 tsp chaat masala powder

2 chopped onions

1/2 cup sweet tamarind chutney 1/2

cup 2 cups nylon sev

5-6 fried papdis

2 tbsp chopped coriander leaves

salt as per taste

1 mint chutney

2-3 tbsp pomegranate seeds

You can make it with this method:

First of all mix potatoes, onions, green chilies, chaat masala, red chili powder and salt in a vessel and mix well.

Put butter biscuits in a bowl, spread potato mixture on them and sprinkle some chaat masala.

Now add mint and tamarind sweet chutney.

Now spread some fried papdi pieces and nylon sev and finally decorate it with pomegranate seeds.

Now your Butter Papdi Chaat is ready.

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