Recipe of the Day: Beetroot-raisin raita is beneficial for health, make it with this method!


Today we are going to tell you an easy method of making beetroot-raisin raita at home, which is not only delicious but also very beneficial for health. Tasting it will make your heart happy.

Required ingredients:

Eight finely chopped and boiled beetroots, four tablespoons finely chopped raisins, one teaspoon black pepper powder, one teaspoon roasted cumin, four tablespoons finely chopped coriander, salt as per taste, coriander or mint, three cups whipped curd, pinch Full black salt.

You can prepare it by this method:

Beat curd in a vessel and mix beetroot in it.

Now add raisins, black pepper powder and cumin powder to it and mix it well.

Now cool it in the fridge and taste it.

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