Recipe News: Enjoy hot rice dumplings in the rainy season, the recipe is very easy!


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Indian food is incomplete without rice. This is the reason why rice is made daily in most homes. Rice is often left over at night. In that case, we would not know what to do with that rice. In such a situation, you can make delicious pakoras from the remaining rice. Rice fritters are full of flavor and can be eaten as a morning snack. So let's know how you can make rice dumplings.

Ingredients required

Cooked rice - 2 cups

Gram flour - 1 cup

Chopped green chilies - 1 tsp Chopped

coriander leaves - 2-3 tsp

Chopped ginger - 1/2 tsp

Carom seeds - 1/4 tsp

Red chili - 1/4 tsp Spoon

oil for frying

Salt - as per taste

Rice Pakora Recipe

First of all, put gram flour in a bowl and add a little water to it and mix it well by hand. Remove all the kernels from it. After this, add chilies, celery, and salt as per taste to the besan and mix well and prepare the solution. Now keep the prepared solution covered for 5 minutes. Meanwhile, finely chop green chilies, coriander leaves and ginger. Now take the cooked rice in a bowl and add these three things to it and mix it well. After this, take a little of the rice mixture in your hand and first make it round and then flatten it. Similarly make balls of rice from all the mixture.

Now heat the oil in a pan. When the oil is hot, take a ball of rice and dip it in gram flour, and put it in the oil. After frying till it turns golden brown on both sides, take out the rice dumplings on a plate. Similarly, fry all the pakodas. Now serve the prepared pakodas with green chutney or sauce.