Recipe: Malai Parantha will be liked by everyone from children to adults, know its recipe!


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Everyone likes dishes made from milk. It is not only tasty to eat but also nutritious. Therefore today we will tell you the method of making Malai Paratha. It can be made in less time and tastes delicious.

Ingredients for Malai Paratha:

1 cup milk cream

1 bowl of wheat flour

1/4 teaspoon cardamom powder

Sugar powder as per taste

Desi ghee as required

A pinch of salt

Method to make Malai Paratha:

To make Malai Paratha, first, prepare wheat flour by kneading it. Now take a bowl and put cream in it and add sugar powder to it.

Mix sugar well in cream and keep aside. Then make small balls of wheat flour.

Now take one spoonful of cream mixture and place it inside the dough ball. Roll it in the shape of a paratha. While making the paratha, keep in mind not to press the paratha too hard.

Now heat desi ghee on the pan and fry the paratha till it turns golden,

fry the malai paratha till it turns golden. Your delicious paratha is ready. Now serve it to your family and they will definitely enjoy this delicious dish.