Recipe: Make water chestnut flour barfi on Shivratri, the taste is amazing!


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Mahashivratri fast is on 8 March 2024 and many people keep fast on this day. Some people fast because of faith and belief, while others may fast in an effort to control or lose weight. However, during fasting days, most people consume oily and sweet foods, which can lead to weight gain instead of loss. If you want to avoid fried foods during fasting, here is a simple and oil-free recipe that you can easily enjoy. Especially during the Shivratri fast, people often make a special kind of barfi from water chestnut flour. It does not involve the use of any oil. Water chestnut flour barfi is filling and does not cause problems like gas or heartburn. Here is the recipe for making water chestnut flour barfi.

Ingredients for water chestnut flour barfi:

For this, you will need about one cup of water chestnut flour, as well as 1-2 tablespoons of ghee. For sweetness, you can use either sugar or jaggery. Additionally, you can also add 1-2 crushed cardamom pods for taste.

Water chestnut flour barfi recipe:

- Take a heavy bottom pan and add 1 tablespoon of ghee to it. Lightly fry water chestnut flour.

- Fry water chestnut flour on medium flame till it turns light pink.

-When the flour is lightly roasted, turn off the gas or reduce the flame. Take out the dough in a bowl and let it cool a little.

-When the flour cools down a bit, add about 1 glass of water to it and prepare a batter-like solution.

Now heat this batter in the pan and keep stirring continuously as it thickens and forms lumps.

-You can add more water if required. The ratio of water to flour is approximately three times.

Meanwhile, add sugar or jaggery to the mixture and keep stirring for about 4-5 minutes until it becomes thick like halwa.

-When it reaches a thick, halwa-like consistency and starts separating from the pan, turn off the gas.

- Apply ghee on a plate, make it uniform and spread the halwa evenly on it.

- Let it cool down a bit and then with the help of a knife cut the halwa into the shape of your choice.

- If you wish, you can add 1 tablespoon of ghee to it while turning off the gas.

- Your water chestnut flour barfi is ready to enjoy. Enjoy it.