Recipe: Make tasty vanilla ice cream at home, the recipe is very easy!



During summer, I feel like eating cold food and drinks. In such a situation, we buy ice cream etc. from outside and eat it. But you can make vanilla-flavored ice cream at home. It is very easy to make it. Let us know about its recipe.


Milk: 1 cup

Vanilla essence: ½ tsp Sugar:

3/4 cup Flour: 1 tsp Cream: 1 cup


- To make vanilla ice cream, prepare a paste by mixing two spoons of milk in flour.

- Keep the milk to boil and after boiling the milk, add flour paste and sugar and keep stirring it on low flame.

- Turn off the gas when the mixture thickens.

Now pour this mixture in a bowl and after it cools down, keep it in the freezer for about 4-5 hours.

- Take out the milk mixture from the refrigerator beat it well, add vanilla essence to it, beat it again and keep it in the freezer to freeze.

- When it sets well then you can serve it.