Recipe: Make Mawa Lassi easily at home in this way, note down the recipe!


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Sweets made from khoya are famous throughout the country. Everyone is crazy about their taste. These have some unique features that make them different from all other sweet dishes. Today we are going to introduce you to something made from the liquid form of khoya instead of solid. We are talking about Mawa Lassi. Made with curd, dry fruits and mawa, this lassi is not only nutritious but also incredibly delicious. So let's know about its recipe.


Fresh curd - 2 cups

Khoya (roasted) - 1/2 cup

Dry fruits - 1 tbsp

Green cardamom - 2

Sugar - as per taste


- First of all, take fresh khoya and put it in a pan. Fry the khoya while stirring on low flame.

Fry the mawa for about 1-2 minutes until its colour becomes light brown.

Then turn off the flame and take out the khoya in a bowl.

Now add curd in the blender jar. Also add roasted mawa, green cardamom and dry fruits.

-Mix all the ingredients well until the lassi becomes smooth.

-It may take about 2 minutes to achieve this consistency. Then, open the lid of the blender jar and pour the lassi into a larger container.

- Keep the lassi in the refrigerator for half an hour so that the khoya lassi cools down properly.

- After this, pour the lassi into glasses and before serving, garnish with some dry fruits on top.