Recipe: Make Mawa Gujiya on Holi, the taste is amazing!


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As soon as the month of Phalgun arrives, preparations for Holi begin. The market is filled with the fragrance of colours, abeer and gulal. The smell of Gujhiya starts coming from the sweet shops. There is a trend of eating and making Gujhiya, especially during Holi. In villages and small towns, everyone goes to each other's houses and makes Gujhiya. Gujhiya is made in every house two days before Holi. The taste of homemade Mawa Gujhiya is unique. These are so soft that they melt in the mouth. You can easily make Mawa Gujhiya at home. Homemade Gujhiya is the most delicious to eat. Let us learn the method of making Mawa Gujhiya.

Ingredients for making Gujhiya:

You need 2 cups of flour.

About 250 grams of khoya

1 cup powdered sugar

1 tsp cardamom powder

8-10 almonds finely chopped

10-15 raisins

8-10 finely chopped cashews

15-20 chopped chironji

Ghee for frying Gujhiya

Method to make Gujhiya:

-To make Gujhiya, first, make khoya from milk at home or you can also buy it from the market.

-If you are using store-bought khoya, then fry it in a pan till it becomes light golden.

When the khoya cools down, add sugar, chopped cashews, almonds and raisins to it.

-Mix cardamom powder well in the mixture.

Now it's time to knead the flour, so sift the flour and mix about 5 teaspoons of ghee.

- Knead a soft dough with lukewarm water, cover it with a cloth and keep it for 20 minutes.

-Divide the dough into small parts and make them into small round balls like puri.

-Place the puri in the gujiya maker, fill 1 tablespoon of khoya mixture in it and seal the mould.

-Prepare a thin paste by mixing 1 tablespoon flour and 2 tablespoons water in a bowl.

-Apply this paste on the edges of the Gujhiya before sealing it so that it prevents the Gujhiya from opening while frying.

-While making Gujhiya, apply this paste on the edges and then seal the mould.

-Prepare all the Gujiyas in the same manner, keep them in a covered container.

- Heat ghee in a pan and fry the Gujhiya on medium flame till it turns golden.

Fry 2-3 Gujiyas at a time until they turn golden brown.

-Your soft and delicious Mawa Gujhiya is ready. Store them in a container and you can consume them once a week.