Recipe- Make market-like sevpuri at home like this, note down the recipe!


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You may have bought Sevpuri from the market many times but you can make it at home very quickly and easily. In this, you will get the same taste as outside. So let us know how you can make it at home and what things you will need for it.




Boiled and mashed potatoes Chopped



Salt as per taste

Red chutney

Tamarind chutney

Green chutney

Oil as required


chaat masala

A pinch of cumin powder

Lemon juice


-Add flour, semolina, salt, carom seeds and oil in a bowl and mix. Add water to make a smooth dough. Then prepare the dough like roti and cut small puris with a small round cutter.

- Heat oil in a pan or kadhai and fry the puris until they become crisp and golden brown.

-Place the puris on a plate, and add boiled mashed potatoes, onions and tomatoes over them.

-Add all three chutneys, then sprinkle sev, chaat masala, salt and cumin powder.

-Finally add lemon juice and serve.