Recipe- Make market-like custard falooda at home, note down the recipe!


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Vermicelli Custard Faluda is extremely popular in many areas of Uttar Pradesh. To get relief from the heat during summer people enjoy vermicelli custard falooda or sometimes opt for falooda kulfi. These not only keep the stomach cool but also make one feel fresh. Today we have brought its recipe for you. Let us learn how you can make Vermicelli Custard Faluda at home.

Ingredients required to make Vermicelli Custard Faluda:




Custard Powder


Cut Fruits

Soaked Vegetable Seeds

How to make Vermicelli Custard Faluda:

- Heat ghee in a pan and fry vermicelli in it.

Then add milk to it and cook.

Meanwhile, mix custard powder in 1 cup milk.

-Add some milk powder and mix everything well.

- Now mix this milk in vermicelli and let it thicken well.

-Add some sugar and cook well.

-When the mixture becomes thick, turn off the gas.

-Let it cool in the refrigerator for some time.

-Soak the sabja seeds in a bowl.

-Cut papaya, apple and pomegranate seeds and keep them ready.

Serve cold vermicelli custard falooda garnished with chopped fruits and soaked sabja seeds. Enjoy the fresh taste!