Recipe- Make lassi in this way and increase the taste, learn the easy recipe!


In the summer season, there is a trend of making and drinking lassi daily in homes. In such a situation, making and drinking the same type of lassi daily can be boring. That's why today we have brought a different type of lassi recipe for you. Let's know how you can make it.

Saffron Lassi

Necessary ingredients

- 1 cup curd (homemade)

- 2 tsp sugar

- 1/4 cup saffron water

- Pinch of cardamom powder



Mix saffron in lukewarm water and keep it for a while.

- This is how you can prepare saffron water

- After this add curd, sugar, and cardamom powder to a mixing jar.

- You can either churn it by hand or you can also use a blender.

After mixing everything well, add saffron water to it and mix again.

Now serve it in a nice glass.