Recipe- Make Kalakand from curdled milk, note down the easy recipe!



It often happens during the summer season that milk kept at home turns sour. Some people use this sour milk to make cheese while others consider it useless and throw it away. Today we are going to tell you the recipe for making delicious sweets from sour milk, which can change the taste of your mouth. You can make Kalakand sweet with sour milk. We are talking about Kalakand. It is quite easy to make and you will not need much material for it. Let's learn the recipe for making Kalakand with sour milk...

Ingredients for making Kalakand:

1.5 kg sour milk

200 grams of condensed milk

2 tbsp milk powder

5 pistachios (chopped)

5 to 7 saffron threads

An easy method of making Kalakand:

-First of all, boil the milk until water and chenna separate.

-If the chhena does not separate even after boiling the milk, then adding lemon juice or vinegar will help the chhena separate.

Now take a clean muslin cloth, add chenna to it, filter it, and keep it aside.

-Wash the chenna well, remove the sourness from it, and squeeze out the excess water.

-Take a big bowl, add chhena in it, and mash it with your hands or blender.

Now add two tablespoons of milk powder, 200 grams of condensed milk, and the remaining ingredients in this bowl and mix well.

-Take a pan, place it on the gas stove, and pour the entire mixture into it. Cook for some time.

-There is no need to add sugar to it because condensed milk is already sweet.

While cooking, take care that it does not become hard. After this, take out the kalakand on a smooth plate, set it well, and keep it aside for half an hour.

- Now cut the kalakand into small pieces. Garnish with pistachios and saffron strands before serving.