Recipe: Make Instant Moong Halwa like this, the taste is such that you will keep licking the fingers!


Necessary Ingredients -

Moong dal - 1 cup (200 g)

Ghee - cup (125 g)

Sugar - 1 cup (200 g)

Cashew - 20 to 25 (chopped)

Raisins - 2 tbsp

Full Cream Milk - 500 ml

Almond - 20 cm 25 (chopped)

Pistachios - 15 to 20

Powdered - Cardamom (6 to 7)


Method -

* Wipe off the moong dal with a cloth.

* Heat the pan and fry it while stirring continuously till it turns golden brown. Take it out on a plate and let it cool down a bit.

* Put the lentils in a mixer jar and grind them very coarsely.

* Put 3 to 4 tbsp ghee in the pan. Add ground lentils and fry for 5 minutes till it becomes light golden brown. Add milk to the roasted dal and mix. Keep the flame low during this. Add 1 cup of water to it and let it cook slowly. Keep stirring the halwa with a spoon. So that there are no lumps in it.


* To fry the nuts, put some ghee in another pan and heat it. After the ghee melts, add chopped cashews, almonds, and raisins to it, fry them lightly and take them out on a plate.

* When the halwa becomes thick, add sugar to it and cook the halwa while stirring. Save some dry fruits and mix roasted dry fruits in the halwa. After this, put some ghee and cardamom powder in the pudding. Cook the halwa a little more. Add the remaining ghee to the halwa and mix it and cook it for 1 to 2 minutes.

* Instant Moong Dal Halwa is ready.