Recipe: Make Healthy and Tasty Khus Khus Thandai on Holi, Learn Easy Recipe!


What to say if you get something cold to drink while playing Holi, so today we have brought a healthy and tasty poppy seed thandai recipe for you. This Holi you must try Khus Khus Thandai. Let's know how you can make it.

Ingredients to make Khus khus thandai

50 grams of Poppy seeds

Water as needed

Sugar as per taste

4-5 ice cubes

How to make Khus Khus Thandai

First of all, take poppy seeds i.e. poppy seeds, and clean them thoroughly.

Then take a vessel and put poppy seeds inside it and keep it soaked by adding water.

Poppy seeds have to be soaked for at least 3 hours so that their grains become soft.

After this, take out the poppy seeds from the water and put them in the mixer grinder, and grind them to make a smooth paste.


After grinding once, when the poppy becomes coarse, then you have to add 4 spoons of water and mix it and blend it twice more.

Instead, filter the poppy seeds in a utensil with the help of a cloth. Add half a teaspoon of water to the remaining poppy paste and filter again. After this add sugar according to your taste in Poppy Thandai.

Then put the pot of poppy seeds in the refrigerator and let it cool for an hour, so that it can cool completely.

Khus khus thandai is ready. Now put it in a serving glass and serve it by adding ice cubes and saffron on top.