Recipe- Make fenugreek mathri on Holi, note down the recipe!


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Holi, the festival of colors, is one of the major Hindu festivals celebrated every year. It starts with Holika Dahan on the full moon night of Phalgun month, after which Holi is celebrated the next day. This year Phalgun Purnima Tithi will start from 09:54 am on March 24 and end the next day on March 25 at 12:29 pm.

On the day of Holi, relatives and neighbors visit each other's houses to exchange good wishes. People prepare delicious sweets and snacks to welcome their guests.

If you are thinking of preparing something for your guests in advance then Fenugreek Mathri is a great option. In this article, we will tell you an easy way to make delicious fenugreek mathri. If you serve these Mathris to your guests, they will definitely ask you for its recipe.

Ingredients for Fenugreek Mathri:

Kasuri fenugreek

Semolina flour

Red chilli powder

Black pepper powder

Celery asafoetida




Making fenugreek mathri is quite easy. To make this, first take a bowl and sift flour and semolina in it. Then add asafoetida, black pepper powder, celery, red chili powder, kasoori fenugreek, and salt.

Mix all these ingredients well with semolina and flour. When these are mixed well, add melted ghee to it and start kneading the dough. To knead it well, add water slowly.

When the dough is kneaded well, start making small balls of it. After making balls, press them with your hands and flatten them slightly. Then heat oil in a pan and fry them until they turn golden brown.

When they become golden brown, take them out from the oil and let them cool. After they cool down, you can store them and serve them to your guests on Holi.