Recipe: Make delicious Idli with Poha, the recipe is very easy!


PC: Kali Mirch - by Smita

Poha is a very common breakfast dish in Indian households. But have you ever tasted idli made with poha? Yes, you can make Idli with Poha. Idli made from Poha is easy to digest as well as tasty. Usually, people make traditional South Indian-style idli at home, but if you want to try a new recipe then this time you can try Poha Idli. Feels like eating tasty food in the morning, which is easily digested. Poh Idli can be made like this. Rice semolina is also used along with poha to make Poha Idli. Poh Idli can also be eaten as a snack. It is also very easy to make. Let's learn the easy way to make Poha Idli.

Ingredients required

Poha - 1 cup

Rice and Semolina - 1 1/2 cup

Curd - 1 cup

Fruit Salt - 3/4 tsp

Salt as per taste


To make Poha Idli, first take thick Poha put it in a mixer bowl, and grind it finely. If you are already using poha then increase the quantity of poha as required. Now take finely chopped poha in a mixing bowl add 1 cup curd and mix it well. Remember that the poha mixture should absorb the curd very well. After this process, add 1/2 cup rice and semolina to the mixture and mix well. If rice semolina is not available, upma semolina can be used. Now add 1 cup of water and salt as per taste to this mixture. After this cover the prepared mixture for half an hour and keep it aside. After the fixed time, take the mixture and mix it again with light hands and remember that the semolina has absorbed the water well.

After this, add half a cup of water to the mixture and mix it well. Finally, add fruit and salt to the mixture. Now grease the plate with an idli pan. After this add idli batter and cook idli for 15 minutes. When the idli is ready, take it out of the vessel and take it out in a bowl. Yummy idli is ready for breakfast. Serve with chutney, and sambar.