Recipe: Make crispy potato and cumin curry during the Navratri fast, note down the easy recipe!


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The festival of Navratri has started from 9th April. During this period, devotees of Goddess Durga worship and perform rituals of her nine different forms. Many devotees observe a strict fast for nine days to please the goddess. During Navratri, there is often a desire to eat different food every day. If you are fasting for nine days this Navratri, then this is news for you because we will bring new fasting recipes for you every day. Today we have brought you the recipe of delicious crispy potato curry with cumin seeds. Let us learn how to make this easy potato curry.

Ingredients for potato curry:

Potatoes (boiled), cumin seeds - half teaspoon, green coriander, crushed red chillies - one teaspoon, desi ghee - two teaspoons, 2 green chillies, rock salt as per taste.

Method to make fast potato curry:

To make crispy potato curry, first boil the potatoes. Then mash the boiled potatoes lightly with your hands or cut them into shapes with the help of a knife. Then turn on the gas and keep a kadhai or pan on low flame. Now add two spoons of desi ghee to it. After the ghee is heated, add a little less than half a teaspoon of cumin seeds to it. When the cumin seeds turn light brown, add boiled potatoes, green chillies, a pinch of crushed red chillies, salt as per taste and green coriander. Mix it well with a spatula and fry for a minute. Your crispy fast potato curry is ready.

Method 2:

If you want to eat wet potato curry, then after frying the potatoes, add about half a glass of water to it and stir the potatoes again. Let it cook on low flame for about 10 minutes. Then turn off the gas and take out the vegetable from the pan. Here, your fasting moist potato curry is ready. You can enjoy it with Puri.