Recipe: Make coconut barfi and store it, it tastes amazing!


PC: Archana's Kitchen

Coconut is a fruit that not only nourishes your hair and skin but also keeps your body healthy from the inside. Fresh coconut water and cream are not only delicious but also packed with goodness. Dried coconut is used in various sweet dishes. Coconut oil is used in cooking as well as for skin care and hair care.

You can also make and store coconut barfi, which provides many health benefits. Here is the recipe:

Coconut Barfi Ingredients:

200 grams sugar

200 grams khoya or mawa

200 grams of grated or dry coconut

1 teaspoon food color of your choice

Ghee as required

How to make coconut barfi:

To make coconut barfi, first prepare sugar syrup. To make syrup, mix sugar and water in a pan. Check the consistency by squeezing a little syrup between your fingers. When you feel two threads forming, turn off the flame. Then add khoya to the syrup and mix well.

Next, add grated coconut to the prepared mixture and mix well. Divide the coconut mixture into two parts and add the food color of your choice to one part. Grease a plate with a little ghee.

First of all, spread the uncolored mixture evenly on the plate and then spread the colored mixture over it. Press it gently to set. Let it cool.

When it cools down, cut the coconut barfi into your desired shape. If you want, you can also sprinkle some cardamom powder on top.

Now your delicious coconut barfi is ready to enjoy. You can store it in an airtight container and enjoy it as a sweet dish.