Recipe- If you want to try something new then make Baby Corn Fingers, people of all ages will like them!


If you want to make some special snacks for kids or family members, then we have come up with the recipe for Baby Corn Fingers for you. Let's know how you can make it.

Necessary Ingredients


- 300 grams of Baby Corn

- 1 tbsp Corn Flour

- 4 tbsp Refined Flour

- Half tsp Red Chilli Powder

- 1 tsp Chat Masala 

Salt as per taste



First of all, wash the baby corns thoroughly and after drying the water, cut them lengthwise. Then take a bowl and put all-purpose flour, salt, corn flour, chaat masala, and red chili inside it. Add some water to this mixture and make a slurry. Keep in mind that the solution should not be too thin or thick. After this, coat the cut pieces of baby corn with this solution.

After this, keep a pan on a gas and heat it. Then add oil to it and once the oil is hot, fry the coated baby corn. When they are fried, take out the extra oil by keeping them on tissue paper. If you want, you can also add chili flakes and oregano to it. You can serve it with sauce or spicy chutney.