Recipe: If you want to eat something sweet, make Tasty Milk Bread, it will be ready in minutes!


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If you give anything sweet to people who are fond of sweets, then their day is made. People are very restless to eat sweets. There are some people who definitely want sweets after eating and for this, they are seen doing something or the other every day.

So today we have brought a special sweet recipe for you, which is made from bread. Also, it is very easy to make. Its name is milk bread, which is made from milk and bread. Children eat it with great enthusiasm and its taste is also very tasty. Let's know the method of making milk roti.

Milk Bread Recipe: Ingredients

2 bread

2 cups milk

1-1/2 tsp butter Sugar

as per taste

1-1/2 custard powder

1 tsp tutti-frutti

3-4 mint leaves


To make milk bread, first, you have to take a pan.

Then put one to one and a half teaspoons of butter in this pan and let it melt.

After this, keep both the bread in the same pan and bake them well.

Then put both the bread on top of each other.

Pour a cup of milk over these breads and soak them well.

After this let it cook for at least 5 to 6 minutes.

After this add sugar according to your taste and cook it well.

When it starts getting thick, turn off the gas.

Garnish it with tutti-frutti and mint leaves.

After that take it out in a bowl and then serve it to eat.