Recipe: If you feel like making something sweet for an Iftar party then make Shahi Tukda, know the recipe!


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The blessed month of Ramadan is going on and during this time invitations for Iftar often come to homes. Various special dishes are prepared in homes for Iftar. If you are planning to make something sweet for your Iftar party, you can make “Shahi Tukda”. Shahi Tukda made from bread is not only delicious to eat but is also easy to make. The best thing about this dish is that you can store it for several days after making it. Although Shahi Tukda is easily available in the market, making it at home ensures that it tastes even tastier than the one bought from outside. So let's learn the easy recipe to make it at home.


White bread - 2 slices


Dry fruits Milkmaid Cardamom

Desi ghee


To make Shahi Tukda, first cut the edges of the bread slices and then cut them into your favorite shape. Fry these bread pieces in ghee until they become golden brown and then take them out on a plate to cool. Prepare syrup by adding sugar and water to a pan. Also, add cardamom powder to the syrup. When the syrup is ready, take it off the flame. Dip the fried bread pieces in syrup and keep them on a big plate. Finally, garnish the bread pieces with condensed milk and dry fruits. Your delicious Shahi Tukdi is ready to serve.