Recipe: If you feel like eating sweets then make fig barfi easily at home like this!


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Like other dry fruits, figs are also very beneficial for health. Consuming it in any form is good for health. You can also make barfi from it and its taste is amazing. Adding more dry fruits to it makes it more tasty and healthy. You can easily make it at home and we are going to tell you about its recipe.


200 grams of finely chopped figs,

100 grams seedless dates,

50 grams raisins,

50 grams chopped pistachios,

50 grams chopped cashews,

50 grams chopped almonds,

4 tablespoons desi ghee.


-First of all, make a paste of figs, dates and raisins in a blender. Make sure not to add water while mixing.

- Heat two tablespoons of desi ghee in a pan on medium flame. Fry cashews, almonds and pistachios until they become light golden.

- Add ghee in the same pan and add fig paste on low flame. Keep stirring continuously for seven to eight minutes.

Now add roasted cashews, almonds and pistachios to this mixture. Continue stirring for an additional three to four minutes.

-Turn off the flame and pour the mixture into a smooth tray or square tray, spread it evenly and let it set for two hours.

-Once set, use a knife to cut into desired shapes.

-Your Anjeer Barfi is ready to enjoy!