Recipe: How to make Masala Paneer at home, watch the recipe video!


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Cheese is a special part of many people's diets. Especially for non-vegetarians. At the same time, many people give importance to paneer curry on special occasions. In such a situation, most people buy paneer from the market. Whereas many people like to make it at home. If you also like to make paneer at home, then instead of plain paneer, you can try this tasty and colorful Masala Paneer recipe. You do not need to use any chemicals or colors to make Masala Paneer. Use normal spices instead. Masala Paneer looks very beautiful. Also, it is so tasty that it is a pleasure to eat it raw. Instagram user @nehadeepakshah has shared on his account.

Ingredients required

2 liters of milk, 

1 teaspoon salt, 

3 teaspoons vinegar and 

3 teaspoons water, 

1 teaspoon chili flakes, 

1/2 teaspoon crushed black pepper, 

1 green chili finely chopped,

 2 teaspoons chopped coriander leaves 

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First of all, heat the milk and add salt, red chili pieces, black pepper, and green chili to it. After this, let the milk boil and add finely chopped green coriander at the end. Now take a mixture of white vinegar and water and add it little by little to the milk and keep stirring continuously. This will curdle the milk. When the curd of milk separates well and the water and curd start separating, take it off the flame. Now take a cloth like a cloth and wet it a little. Then put curdled milk in this cloth and squeeze it well.

After this, when the water separates from the incision, it should be washed lightly with clean water and pressed with a lightweight for about half an hour. So that the water gets separated from the sieve. Your colorful, soft, and spongy Masala Paneer is ready. You can use Masala Paneer to make Bhaji, Pakora, Paneer Bhurji, or any dish of your choice. Also, you can eat it raw if you want.