Recipe- Gourd pudding is very tasty to eat, if made in this way, the taste will increase!


Consuming bottle gourd during summer is very good for the stomach. But if you do not like gourd vegetables then you can try gourd pudding. Lauki ka halwa is very tasty. You can easily make it at home. Let's know about its recipe.


Main content

1 - bottle gourd

For the main course

- 1 cup cold milk

- 4 tsp Sugar

- As required Black cardamom

- 4 tsp Ghee

- 6 Almonds

- 7 Unsalted cashews

- 8 Raisins

- Milk powder as required



- Cut and peel the bottle gourd. After this, you have to grate it.

Take a pan and add ghee to it. After this, add almonds, cashews, and raisins to the pan and fry them and keep them aside.

Now add some more ghee to the pan and add a grated bottle gourd. You have to cook it till it becomes soft. Now mix milk in it and cook till the quantity of milk reduces to one-fourth. After this add sugar inside it and cook for 2-3 minutes.

Take some ghee in a separate pan and add milk to it. When the milk starts boiling, add milk powder inside it and cook till the mixture becomes thick. Your khoya is ready.

Now put khoya in the gourd pan and mix everything well. After this, mix roasted dry fruits in it and cook all the ingredients well till the whole mixture starts separating from the pan. Now add cardamom powder and mix well.

Hot gourd pudding is ready.